About Purgatory

Brand Identity:

Commonly Purgatory is known as the place for sinners to expiate their sins and learn THE VIRTUE OF LOVE, before reaching eternal bliss.

Purgatory has been mentioned in folklore and stories, through countless mediums and in many cultures worldwide. These stories have since been lost in translation and many have been forgotten in our modern, fast-moving culture. 

Thus, as a contemporary fashion project, we aim at incorporating the themes and stories of Purgatory into fashion and street culture, reinventing old myths and legends in a fresh modern context. 


All details of Purgatory designs are perfected to compliment the original tales. Links are made to the ideas surrounding Purgatory whilst maintaining bold, innovative designs. 

Each and every product is designed to ensure supreme quality and longevity.

Original Logo:

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This logo is a modern graphic interpretation of Purgatory

Purgatory is the waiting room for paradise and is often related to "eternal suffering", with those inside sometimes waiting for eternity. The endless revolving design of the logo echoes this sense of eternal suffering. The gatekeeper of Purgatory is known as Moloch, and has spiralling goat-like horns which are reflected in the organic nature of the logo.